Have Your Say

The topics we audit often hold significant interest for many of you, as active members of the community and of course, as tax payers. Our audit work is extensive and thorough, however we recognise that with many of our audits you may have information that could potentially assist and further inform our work.

Online surveys are one tool we use to collect information from the community to help inform some of our audits. This is not appropriate or useful for all our audits; however, we will invite community comment on those audits that may benefit from this additional information.

We will consider your contribution as part of our rigorous internal processes. However, it is important to note that we cannot guarantee that your contribution will be included in, or will influence the outcomes of our final report.

We do not have any community surveys open at the moment, however if you wish to provide some feedback on one of our current audits or a proposed audit, please contact us.

You can view a complete list of our audits in progress here.

Are you thinking about an audit topic you would like our Office to consider? If so, let us know!