Working with Children Checks – Follow-Up

Audit finding – Internal information and reporting on the effectiveness of the WWC Check is inadequate

We found difficulties in obtaining accurate and consistent information to analyse trends and demonstrate performance. Communities lacks standard reporting of the metrics we have analysed relating to the assessment of applications, and of their own performance in complying with the Act. Our review of the data provided to us identified inconsistencies in what was included in data sets and how things were measured. Communities does not have a suite of indicators that are regularly reported to monitor its performance in managing the WWC scheme and to support analysis of risks. Communities has not defined the analysis it needs to conduct and has not been through a process of agreeing key data and indicator definitions to ensure the data is suitable to allow robust analysis.

Regular reporting would better inform Communities senior management about whether the WWC scheme is performing as intended, and provide assurance on its own compliance. It would also increase the assurance to senior management about whether the residual risks arising from aspects of the scheme are being minimised and if the monitoring of employers and volunteer organisations, and enforcement activity, is effectively targeted based on risk.

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