Working with Children Checks – Follow-Up

Appendix 2: Recommendations made in our 2014 report

Report recommendations Current status
The Department for Child Protection and Family Support (now Department of Communities) should:
·               ensure the new application management system provides accurate information to support the allocating and prioritising of applications. This information should include how many and how long applications are waiting to be screened and assessed Implemented, but more needed
·               prioritise applications for assessment based on risk and how long they have been waiting to be screened and assessed Implemented
·               review staffing levels and capacity to more efficiently manage application processing and compliance monitoring Implemented
·               finalise assessment and decision-making guidelines, including setting timeframes for screening and assessing applications and issuing interim negative notices Implemented, but more needed
·               take a risk-based approach to review criminal record notifications received about working with child check cardholders from May 2011 to mid-November 2013 to ensure they were appropriately actioned Implemented
·               work with WA Police Force to improve the matching of applications and cardholders between the 2 information systems Implemented
·               prioritise and target audits of employers based on risk Not implemented
·               ensure all foster carers have a valid working with children check card or application in process. Implemented but more needed

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