Water Corporation: Management of Water Pipes

Report 1: 19 February, 2014


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The Water Corporation is a Government Trading Enterprise (GTE) established in 1995. In 2012-13, the Water Corporation supplied 357.39 billion litres of drinking water across Western Australia. It operates and … Read more →

Audit conclusion

Water Pipe

Water Corporation’s network of water supply pipes has generally performed well to date. Although performance is variable in different parts of the state, the overall rate of leaks and bursts … Read more →

Key findings

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The overall rate of leaks and bursts on Water Corporation’s pipes has been within its previous licence requirements and low compared with similar sized water utilities in other states. Until … Read more →


Water Pipes

The Water Corporation should by late 2014: include undetected leakage from pipes as a factor in its pipe replacement planning and investment decisions take a risk based approach to ensure … Read more →

Audit focus and scope

Glass of Water

This audit assessed if Water Corporation’s management of bursts, leaks and water loss from its pipes contributes to sustainable water supply. We had three main questions: Does the Water Corporation … Read more →

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Water Corporation – Value of Water.

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