Report 24

WA State Tourism Strategy 2020


1.    To maximise gains from the 2020 strategy, by June 2018 the Western Australian Tourism Commission (Tourism WA) should:

a.    develop more structured ways of engaging with partners to respond to opportunities

b.    improve how it monitors and reports on strategy implementation

o      review progress regularly and improve how it uses targets to drive organisational planning

o      improve recordkeeping in relation to project outcomes and Board and executive meetings

c.    improve how it prioritises activities to respond to evaluation information and changing market conditions.

2.    By 2020, Tourism WA should:

a.    consider a review of the current business model to ensure Tourism WA can respond in agile and adaptive ways to changing market conditions.

3.    For the 2030 strategy, Tourism WA should:

a.    develop more specific targets and timeframes to support the 2030 strategy

b.    improve accountability for delivery against targets across partners including contracted agencies.

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