Report 24

WA State Tourism Strategy 2020

Audit focus and scope

In this audit we assessed how well Tourism WA developed and implemented the WA State Tourism Strategy 2020.

Out of scope were other government agencies involved with delivering tourism related outcomes (see Appendix A for a full list of all agencies involved). Any tourism related outcomes not covered by the strategy were also excluded from the scope, for example student related tourism which is managed by StudyPerth and the Department of Education Services.

We focused on 2 lines of inquiry:

  1. Was the Tourism 2020 strategy soundly based, clear and well supported?
  2. Did Tourism WA deliver activities to meet the Tourism 2020 strategy goal, outcomes and targets?

The methodology included both quantitative and qualitative methods:

  • interviews with Tourism WA staff
  • interviews with key stakeholders
  • review of key agency documents and other relevant material (electronic and hardcopy)
  • analysis of agency data, including reports commissioned by Tourism WA and conducted by consultants
  • analysis of agency administrative and financial information.

This performance audit was conducted under section 18 of the Auditor General Act 2006 and in accordance with Australian Auditing and Assurance Standards. Performance audits primarily focus on the effective management and operation of agency programs and activities. The approximate cost of tabling this report is $320,000.

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