Report 32

Vocational Education and Training for Year 11 and 12 Students in Public Schools


DoE should:

As soon as practical

  1. finalise its response to the commissioned review of VET in schools and set timelines for implementing changes
  2. work with SCSA to finalise guidelines for selecting higher level courses.

By June 2017:

  1. review the level of VET-specific support provided in head and regional offices
  2. establish a plan to regularly review school performance, experience, student outcomes and RTO performance
  3. work with DTWD, SCSA and TAC to:

a. establish criteria for a ‘school-ready’ RTO accreditation including options for allowing TAC to audit activities in public schools

b. develop a set of pre-approved courses, especially for auspicing

6. develop a clear policy on the scope and intent of DTWD-funded student contact hours across the public school system

7. together with DTWD, set guidelines for public school access to profile hours. These should include:

a. a method for calculating the number of student contact hours available for schools based on need

b. guidance for the TAFE sector on allocating profile hours to schools

c. guidance on which courses at which level should be offered for profile places

8 increase guidance and oversight for schools, including standard contract models for auspiced delivery. This could include standardising responsibilities of RTOs.

Page last updated: December 22, 2016

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