Report 26

Verifying Employee Identity and Credentials



All agencies should:

  1. develop and approve policies and procedures for verifying employee identity and credentials which cover:
    1. verification of identity using a 100 point identification check
    2. criminal background checks, based on the risks associated with the position
    3. the extent and timing of monitoring for existing employees.
  1. for high risk positions obtain a declaration from new employees that they will advise the agency of any significant change in their circumstances
  2. obtain referee reports/reference checks for new employees and retain these reports
  3. perform criminal background checks based on the risks associated with the position
  4. keep sufficient evidence to demonstrate that an employee’s identity, professional qualifications, professional memberships and right to work in Australia were checked before employment. Retain this documentation in accordance with State Records Act requirements
  5. periodically monitor employees for changes in their status/circumstances based on the risks associated with the position.


Page last updated: December 2, 2015

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