Verifying Employee Identity and Credentials

What we did

The focus of this audit was to assess if the sampled entities were adequately screening their employees to verify their employment history and performance, to check professional qualifications, to verify an employee’s identity and right to work in Australia and, where appropriate, identify and assess criminal records.

We assessed the policies and practices at 8 entities, of varying size and location. We used the following lines of inquiry:

  1. Do entities have suitable policies and procedures for screening employees?
  2. Did entities adequately screen new employees to verify their identify, check employment history and educational/professional qualifications, and perform risk based criminal record checking?
  3. Are entities monitoring existing employees for changes in their status (new criminal convictions or discontinuance of essential qualifications)?

The audit examined whether controls were in place to support good recruitment practices. It was not designed to identify individual cases of inappropriate appointment.

We tested a sample of 306 employees across 8 entities to assess screening practices. Our sample included a mix of new and existing employees.

We conducted this audit under section 18 of the Auditor General Act 2006 and in accordance with Australian Auditing and Assurance Standards. The approximate cost of undertaking the audit and reporting is $125,000.

The following 8 entities were included in this audit:

City of Melville (Melville)
City of Subiaco (Subiaco)
Shire of Boyup Brook (Boyup Brook)
Shire of Coolgardie (Coolgardie)
Shire of Dundas (Dundas)
Shire of Williams (Williams)
Town of Claremont (Claremont)
Town of Victoria Park (Victoria Park)
Page last updated: June 19, 2019

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