Verifying Employee Identity and Credentials

Auditor General's overview

This focus audit examined controls for verifying the identity and credentials of new employees and monitoring the status of existing employees.

We previously performed this audit in 2015 for state government entities.  This report covers a sample of local government entities.

Our audit found that all entities need to improve their practices for screening employees. We identified many instances where local government entities were not checking the identity, right to work in Australia, employment history, qualifications and criminal backgrounds of new and existing employees… 




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Report content

Executive Summary
The activities and functions carried out by local government entities are diverse and involve a great deal of interaction with local communities.
What we did
The focus of this audit was to assess if the sampled entities were adequately screening their employees to verify their employment history...
What did we find?
All 8 entities need to improve their practices in some way, with none of the entities displaying good policies or practices for verifying employee identity and credentials.
Public sector entities should have approved policies and procedures for verifying employee identity and credentials...
Response from entities
The local government entities audited accepted the recommendations...
Appendix 1 – Better practice principles
The following table shows control principles on which our audit focused.