Treatment Services for People with Methamphetamine Dependence

Response from Mental Health Commission

The Mental Health Commission acknowledges that methamphetamine use remains a significant concern within the Western Australian community, and remains committed to the development and implementation of efforts to preventing methamphetamine related problems occurring in the first instance, intervening early before problems become entrenched, and providing treatment and support services for those who need it. This includes the continuous enhancement of contracted services output and outcome key performance indicators and ongoing program evaluations which will be informed by the whole of government reform of community services outcomes.

The Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025, released in December 2015, continues to guide investment decisions for the optimal mix and level of mental health, alcohol and other drug services required to meet the needs of Western Australians until the end of 2025. The Mental Health Commission continues to prioritise efforts towards areas of greatest need, subject to regular Government budgetary processes, that includes a requirement to continually grow community based alcohol and other drug treatment services over time.

The MHC supports the need to continue to review output and outcome service measures and review targets to ensure high quality care and value for money for all Western Australians. Further to this, the Mental Health Commission will look to enhance existing key performance indicators to cover strategic and priority issues such as co-occurring mental health and alcohol and other drug related issues.

Page last updated: December 18, 2018

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