Report 17

Support and Preparedness of Fire and Emergency Services Volunteers

Appendix 1 – Survey of fire and emergency services volunteers

In 2015 the Auditor General invited fire and emergency services volunteers to have input to this audit through a survey including taking comments on the objective and lines of inquiry.

The survey was open from Monday 2 February 2015 to Friday 6 March 2015, and promoted by the Western Australian Local Government Association, and Department of Fire and Emergency Services websites, volunteer portal, 24Seven magazine and District Officers. We also worked with volunteer Prescribed Associations to circulate the survey to their members.

Not all 1 316 respondents completed every question. Some questions included space for limited comments. Respondents wanting to provide additional comment were invited to write to We received seven responses via the consultation email.

The following is a summary of the survey results[1].

[1] Although VMRS volunteers were out of scope for the audit they were invited to respond to our survey. Their responses have been included in our survey findings.


Survey Questions 1-3


Survey Questions 4-7

Survey Questions 8-12


Survey Question 13-17

Survey Questions 18-21

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