Safe and Viable Cycling in the Perth Metropolitan Area

Report 22: 14 October, 2015


Introduction This report provides an assessment of whether there is suitable infrastructure and support to enable cycling to be a safe and viable mode of transport in the Perth metropolitan … Read more →

Audit Conclusion

The State Government has gradually improved cycling infrastructure in the Perth metropolitan area. Cycling has become a more viable mode of transport, however there has been a lack of informed … Read more →

Key Findings

The priority arterial cycle network is incomplete Sections of the arterial cycle network along major transport routes within 15 km of the Perth CBD are incomplete. Over the last 30 … Read more →


In the next six months DoT should prepare and publish a: WABN Plan implementation schedule and funding requirements progress report on WABN Plan actions. In the next 12 months, DoT … Read more →


In the 1970s, the State Government recognised the need to provide facilities for cyclists within the Perth metropolitan area. Since the 1980s, state governments have supported the creation of a … Read more →

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