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Appendix 1: Full response to Legislative Assembly Question on Notice 4490

On 12 February 2019, the Hon Dr Mike Nahan MLA asked the Minister for Tourism, the Hon Paul Papalia CSC MLA, Legislative Assembly Question on Notice 4490.

    1. Dr M.D. Nahan to the Minister for Tourism:

I refer to the media release titled “Perth turns up the heat in summer tourism campaign” dated 7 November 2018 and I ask:

(a)  What is the total cost of this campaign;

(b)  Is Expedia, or any hotel receiving money from the State Government to subsidise the cost of hotel rooms? If yes, how much;

(c)   Will the Minister table a breakdown of the funding for this campaign;

(d)  Was any market testing done before this campaign;

(e)  Was a business case prepared for this campaign;

(f)    If yes to (d), will the Minister table the business case; and

(g)  Are there are key performance indicators including return on investment to measure the success of this campaign? If yes, what are the key performance indicators?

On 12 March 2019, the Minister declined to give this information, replying:

(a)    $946,000 (across media, production, research and cooperative travel partnership).

(b)    No.

(c)    Information pertaining to the amount invested by Tourism Western Australia (Tourism WA) in individual campaigns has a commercial value and its disclosure could cause commercial harm to the State and the agency’s campaign partner. Disclosing the amount of Tourism WA’s investment could provide a competitive advantage to other States/Territories and potential campaign partners. Accordingly, I will notify the Auditor General’s office and both houses of Parliament that part (c) of this question will not be answered as per section 82 of the Financial Management Act 2006.

(d)    Yes.

(e)    No.

(f)     Not applicable.

(g)    In addition to return on investment, the key performance indicators were:

Increase in the number of consumers who booked a holiday to Perth.

Increase in room nights booked.

Increase in awareness of Perth as an affordable holiday destination.

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