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Operating Theatre Efficiency

Appendix 5: Comparison of Theatre Activity and Theatre Utilisation


Theatre Activity (WA Health): proportion of used theatre hours (used time) to total allocated theatre hours (allocated time). Used time is the sum of the time patients were in the theatre in the allocated session, taken from the earliest of the patient entering the theatre or the time anaesthesia is commenced. This includes time before the scheduled session’s start and time after the scheduled session’s end. Allocated time is from the scheduled session’s start time to the scheduled session’s finish time.

Theatre Utilisation (NSW Health): proportion of time allocated to elective theatre sessions where the theatre was occupied. Used time is the sum of the time patients were in the theatre within the allocated session, excluding surgery performed outside of elective surgery sessions and periods of anaesthesia that occurred outside the operating room. Used time excludes time the theatre is occupied before the planned start and after the planned finish. Allocated time is from the planned session start to the planned session end.

The key differences are:

  • WA includes anaesthetic time outside of the theatre in the used time and NSW does not.
  • The numerator (used time) is very different. WA uses the sum of the time each patient is in the theatre. NSW uses the time each patient is in the theatre, but only includes time in the theatre that is within the planned session time.

The denominator (allocated time) is the same for both WA and NSW, with allocated time being the planned session length for the session. The time shown in orange represents anaesthetic care time outside of the theatre.

Appendix 5 - case example

Case Example - Health and NSW approaches




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