Report 25

Operating Theatre Efficiency

Appendix 3: Hospital Performance Information


Data was obtained from the Theatre Management System (TMS) for each hospital for the six year period 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2014. Data included all cases completed in the 26 theatres (excluding procedure rooms and theatres opened in 2015) as well as cancellations, with separation of cancellations to allow reporting on those cases that were cancelled on the day of surgery.

For the six measures, we have only reported activity during elective sessions: morning (AM), afternoon (PM) and all-day sessions. The times that these sessions run varies within and between hospitals and this has been taken into consideration. Sessions where one or more cases have been identified with a data error or inconsistency were excluded from the analysis to ensure the data is not skewed.

Appendix 3 – Hospital Performance Information

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