Report 18

Managing the Impact of Plant and Animal Pests: A State-wide Challenge

Response from Department of Parks and Wildlife

The DPaW is responsible for managing over 28 million hectares of the state’s national parks, marine parks, state forests and other reserves, for conserving and protecting native animals and plants, and for managing many aspects of the use and enjoyment of the state’s natural areas and wildlife. The Department has responsibilities for managing a wide range of pests on these lands, and on over 89 million hectares of unallocated Crown land and unmanaged reserves. It is a significant challenge.

Given the difficulty of eradicating pests that have become established, DPaW recognises that the principal focus of pest management in Western Australia needs to be the prevention of new incursions, whilst striving to maintain efforts to contain established pests. Successful control programs are reliant on resourcing and a collaborative effort, involving other agencies and land managers.

DPaW welcomes the findings that support the development of an integrated statewide biosecurity strategy and improvements to the collection and sharing of pest information.

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