Managing Disruptive Behaviour in Public Housing

The Strategy is well progressed

The Department has made good progress in adopting its Strategy to manage disruptive tenant behaviour, with all but 1 of the proposed measures progressed (Table 1). Amendments to the Act, the DBM Policy and Illegal Use of Premises Policy, and a specialist team to manage disruptive tenants have been key achievements.

However, key documents have not been updated to reflect the Department’s intent and direction to achieve better outcomes for tenants and the wider community, since the 2017 machinery of government changes. For example, the Strategy has not been reviewed or updated since it was developed in 2009, and the DBM Policy and Illegal Use of Premises Policy have received only minor updates since they were produced in 2011 and 2014 respectively. It is essential that these documents are up to date to best guide the Department’s complaint management and tenant support.

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