Managing Disruptive Behaviour in Public Housing

Audit conclusion

Most of the work outlined in the Department’s 2009 Disruptive Behaviour Management Strategy (Strategy) has been progressed. This includes development of policies and procedures to guide how complaints are managed, more available sanctions, and delivery of a tenant support and education program. However, a more holistic approach to tenancy management is needed if the Department is to reduce disruptive behaviour incidents from occurring in the first place. The Department recognises this need but aspects of the Strategy that focussed on early intervention through tenant engagement and support are still to be progressed.

The large number of disruptive behaviour and illegal activity complaints received by the Department each year are adequately managed. However, staff in regional areas face additional challenges which leave them with less time to support tenants to address the issues that cause disruptive behaviour.

More comprehensive and consistent data collection and analysis of outcomes would help the Department to identify ways to improve its approach to managing disruptive behaviour and how it directs its resources.

Page last updated: December 20, 2018

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