Management of Pastoral Lands in Western Australia

11 October, 2017

Audit conclusion

The ecological sustainability of pastoral lands is not adequately protected by the State’s current system of land monitoring and administration. Pastoral lands have been under threat for over 75 years … Read more →

Key findings

The State does not have good knowledge of lease level land condition The PLB relies on limited lease monitoring as part of its role to oversee and administer the pastoral … Read more →


1.    By the end of June 2018, the PLB should: a.    finalise an MoU for DPIRD service provision b.    define and adopt an inter-agency definition of ‘ecological sustainability’ for pastoral … Read more →

Board and agency responses

Pastoral Lands Board In general terms, the Board supports the broad directions of the report however would like to make the following comments: The Board recognises the significant task it … Read more →

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