Management of Supplier Master Files

Auditor General's overview

Almost a year on from our first local government focus area audit report, I am pleased to present this Management of Supplier Master Files report which looks into state and local government entities.

Controls prevent things going wrong and are particularly important in financial management processes, where there is an inherent risk of financial misappropriation.

Our focus area audits, such as this one, look at a diverse range of entities and highlight improvement opportunities across key aspects of financial management controls…



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Executive Summary
In 2017-18, the Western Australian public sector paid a total of $23 billion in operating expenses, and services and contracts. Read moreā€¦
What did we find?
WorkCover and the Insurance Commission displayed good policies, practices and controls. The other 8 entities need to improve various aspects of their policies and practices, in particular, management and monitoring of their supplier master files. Read more...
Appendix 1: Better practice principles
The following table shows control principles on which our audit focused. They cover a number of key supplier master file practices and controls, and are not intended as an exhaustive list. Read more...