Management of Crown Land Site Contamination

Report 13: 27 June, 2018

Introduction and Background

This audit assessed whether the State’s unallocated Crown land and unmanaged reserves are being effectively managed to minimise human and environmental health risks from contamination on these sites. The audit … Read more →

Audit conclusion

Contamination on UCL and UMR, and the risks posed, are not being managed effectively. Lack of effective oversight, poor communication between the agencies and unreliable data contribute to DPLH, and … Read more →

Key findings

Inadequate oversight and poor communication between agencies means that contamination risks are not identified and reported in a timely manner. DPLH has not reported its progress on identifying contaminated sites … Read more →


Introduction and Background

DPLH and DWER should agree on a methodology and timeframe for a revised identification and reporting program. DPLH response: Agreed DWER response: Agreed Implementation timeframe: by 31 December 2018 2     … Read more →

Agency responses

Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage DPLH agrees with the findings of this audit and can advise that progress is already being made to address the concerns raised. DPLH also … Read more →

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