Report 13

Maintaining the State Road Network – Follow-on Audit

Audit focus and scope

The audit examined if the condition of the state road network has improved since 2009 and whether Main Roads has taken reasonable steps to address the problems identified in the 2009 audit report. The audit focused on 3 lines of inquiry:

  1. Has Main Roads implemented the recommendations from the 2009 audit report?
  2. Has the condition of the state road network improved since 2009?
  3. Have the Integrated Services Arrangements resulted in improvements to road maintenance?

The audit approach included:

  • examination of agency documents
  • analysis of agency data
  • interviews with key Main Roads staff and contractors
  • interviews with industry stakeholders
  • review of road maintenance research reports from other jurisdictions.

Consistent with the original audit we did not examine:

  • any capital works
  • roads owned and managed by local government
  • awarding of the contracts for maintenance delivery
  • the contract arrangements and management of electrical, bridge and tunnel maintenance.

This was a broad scope performance audit, conducted under section 18 of the Auditor General Act 2006 and in accordance with Australian Auditing and Assurance Standards. Performance audits primarily focus on the effective management and operation of agency programs and activities. The approximate cost of tabling this report is $203,290.

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