Report 13

Maintaining the State Road Network – Follow-on Audit

Appendix 2: Prioritisation process

In 2014, Main Roads introduced a process to guide the distribution of annual maintenance funding to regions. It covers all asset categories and activities except for bridges, major culverts and electrical assets.

The process leverages information on funding needs and proposed treatments contained in the 10-year plans

Other Main Roads corporate systems, processes and guidelines also inform funding allocation, such as the MMIS and financial management systems.

Funding allocations are made by top tier work code (such as pavement rehabilitation or network maintenance management).

Funding is spread across 3 priority areas to reflect the urgency of the needs (Table 1). Needs are assessed each year. This system identifies whether the need was identified in that year (P – priority) or in previous years (D – deferred).

When there is a shortfall between the funding request and allocation, it is the responsibility of the regions to make decisions on how to allocate funding across its needs.

Table 1 - Main Roads maintenance need priorities



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