Information Systems Audit Report 2019

Report 20

Auditor General's overview

This is the eleventh annual Information Systems Audit Report by my Office. The report summarises the results of the 2018 annual cycle of information systems audits, and application reviews completed by my Office since last year’s report.

The report contains important findings and recommendations to address common system weaknesses that can seriously affect the operations of government and potentially compromise sensitive information held by entities. All public sector entities should consider the relevance of the recommendations to their unique operations. The newly funded Office of Digital Government has an important role in supporting entities to address these weaknesses and improve their capability and cyber resilience.

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Report content

Application controls audits
Applications are software programs that facilitate an organisation’s key business processes including finance, human resources, case management, licensing and billing. Read more...
Recruitment Advertisement Management System
Western Australian (WA) government entities use the Recruitment Advertisement Management System (RAMS) to manage staff recruitment and redeployments, and to record severance details...
Advanced Metering Infrastructure
Our audit focused on the applications within the Advanced Metering Infrastructure used by the Regional Power Corporation, trading as Horizon Power (Horizon)…
Pensioner Rebate Scheme and Exchange
The Office of State Revenue (State Revenue) process local government entities’ (LGs) claims for reimbursement of concessions they pay to eligible pensioners and seniors through the Pensioner Rebate Scheme (PRS) system...
New Land Registry - Titles
The New Land Registry – Titles (NLR-T) application is used by the Western Australian Land Information Authority, trading as Landgate, to manage property ownership and location information records for Western Australia.
General computer controls and capability assessments
The objective of our general computer controls (GCC) audits is to determine whether computer controls effectively support the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems.
Appendix 1 - Cloud application (SaaS) better practice principles