Improving Aboriginal Children’s Ear Health

Audit focus and scope

The audit assessed whether entities are effectively reducing the burden of ear disease for Aboriginal children. It focused on 2 key questions:

  1. Has WA Health helped reduce the incidence and severity of OM in Aboriginal children?
  2. Are entities partnering effectively to ensure strategies work for Aboriginal families?

In conducting the audit, we:

  • reviewed agency policy and key documents
  • examined records of 140 child health checks at CAHS and WACHS
  • examined records of 43 enhanced Aboriginal child health schedule checks at CAHS and WACHS
  • analysed data on child health checks, hospital waiting times, School of Special Needs: Sensory (SSEN: S) clients and public housing crowding rates
  • interviewed management, clinical and other staff from WA Health, including Kalgoorlie, Halls Creek and Armadale child and community health clinics and the Aboriginal health team’s clinic in Kelmscott
  • interviewed staff from the Department of Education including staff from SSEN: S and principals at schools in Kalgoorlie, Coolgardie, Halls Creek and Armadale
  • consulted with key stakeholders in Perth, including:

    • Aboriginal Health Council of WA
    • Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service
    • Earbus Foundation of WA
    • Moorditj Koort Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre
    • Rural Health West
    • Telethon Kid’s Institute
    • WA Primary Health Alliance
  • consulted with key stakeholders in regions:
    • Bega Garnbirringu Health Service in Kalgoorlie
    • Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Service in Broome
    • Yura Yungi Medical Service in Halls Creek
  • spoke to Aboriginal mothers, caregivers and community members in Kalgoorlie, Leonora, Halls Creek, Armadale and Kwinana.
  • reviewed research and literature.

This was a broad scope performance audit, conducted under Section 18 of the Auditor General Act 2006 and in accordance with Australian Standard on Assurance Engagements ASAE 3500 Performance Engagements. Performance audits focus primarily on the effective management and operations of agency programs and activities. The approximate cost of undertaking the audit and reporting was $520,000.



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