Government Funded Advertising

Report 12: 25 June, 2014

Overview and Conclusion

Government agencies use advertising campaigns to inform the public of their rights, responsibilities, and entitlements to services or products.

Key Findings

DPC’s three member Independent Communications Review Committee is made up of senior DPC employees as well as the Director of Government Media from the Office of the Premier. In one … Read more →


The Department of the Premier and Cabinet should: broaden the ICRC’s voting membership to enhance its independence and reduce the risk of perceived conflicts of interest consider ways to improve … Read more →

Agency Responses

Department for Regional Development The Department of Regional Development acknowledges the findings and recommendations of the report and is committed to addressing the issues identified by the Auditor General. The … Read more →

What Did We Do?

We assessed whether government funded advertising campaigns are managed in a way that is accountable and transparent and if outcomes are evaluated. We focused on answering three questions: Are there … Read more →

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