Engaging Consultants to Provide Strategic Advice


  1. The Department of the Premier and Cabinet should consider updating Premier’s Circular 2016/02 to provide further guidance and consider points to entities as to what constitutes ‘strategic advice for Government to act on’.

Timeframe:  by 30 September 2019

  1. State government entities should ensure that:
    a) policies and procedures are up to date and where appropriate make specific reference to the requirements of the Premier’s Circular governing the contracting of consultants for strategic advice
    b) policies require an in-house skills assessment for consultancy projects in general, as well as those below $50,000, to confirm staff within the entity do not possess the necessary skills before engaging an external consultant
    c) contracts for consultants for strategic advice services with a value of $50,000 and above are appropriately submitted to DPC for approval prior to the engagement of the consultant.
Page last updated: June 5, 2019

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