Engaging Consultants to Provide Strategic Advice

Appendix 1 – Better practice principles

The following table shows control principles on which our audit focused. They cover a number of practices entities should have in place to ensure the necessary process for engaging consultants for strategic advice is followed and to ensure money is not spent unnecessarily. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list.

Engagement of strategic consultants Focus area What we expected to see:
Policy Policies and procedures ·       entities’ policies and procedures include comprehensive guidance for the engagement of consultants for strategic advice

·       Policy to include the $50,000 monetary threshold that requires engagement of DPC

·       policies and procedures are periodically reviewed.

·       policy includes a clear definition, guidance and examples of strategic advice for the purposes of Premier’s Circular 2016/02

Engaging consultants for strategic advice Identify the need to engage a consultant ·       entity identifies the need to engage a consultant for strategic advice

·       entity to determine the estimated cost of engaging a consultant

In-house assessment ·       entity to consider and document whether any current employees possess the necessary skills and experience to undertake the work

·       entity considers whether the consultancy relates to strategic advice

Engage with DPC ·       consult with DPC to determine if the work to be undertaken by the consultant meets the definition of ‘strategic advice’ for the purposes of the PC 2016/02
Complete necessary Approval Request ·       if the work is deemed in scope of PC 2016/02   submit to DPC a request for approval at least 1 week before the procurement process
Reporting Reporting of consultants engaged ·       entity to submit details of consultants engaged for strategic advice every 6 months to their relevant Minister’s Office within five weeks of the end of each six month period.
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