Delivering Western Australia’s Ambulance Services – Follow-up Audit

Report 3: 2019-20

Auditor General's overview

This report contains the findings from my Office’s follow-up performance audit of the delivery of ambulance services.

The audit shows mixed results on the implementation of the Office’s 2013 recommendations. Overall, the WA ambulance service is operating more efficiently and consistently meeting its highest priority emergency response targets. Many of our previous findings and recommendations have been addressed, strengthening clinical governance and improving support for country volunteers…



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Executive summary
Our objective for this follow-up audit was to assess if the Department of Health and St John Ambulance Western Australia have effectively implemented the recommendations...
The DoH (in consultation with SJA) should develop ways to better coordinate ambulance and hospital services in country areas, especially for IHPT...
Response from SJA, DoH and WACHS
St John Ambulance Western Australia welcomes the findings of the 2019 Follow-up Audit of the Delivering Western Australia’s Ambulance Services 2013 audit. Read more...
Audit focus and scope
This follow-up audit assessed if the DoH and SJA have effectively implemented the recommendations from our 2013 audit. Read more...
Audit finding - WA’s ambulance service is more efficient, but the DoH has made limited progress improving the contract and measuring performance
Growth in the number of cases attended by SJA ambulances has exceeded the increase in resources deployed by SJA. Read more...
Audit finding - SJA has improved clinical governance and support for volunteers but coordinating services in country areas remains a challenge
Between 2007 and 2015, SJA established regional offices in Albany, Bunbury, Northam, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and Broome to support sub-centres...
Audit finding - Ambulance ramping at hospitals has increased and there is no agreed plan to reduce it
Ambulance ramping has been increasing in recent years despite attempts by the DoH and SJA to reduce it. Read more...
Appendix 1
Progress against recommendations from Delivering Western Australia’s Ambulance Services, Report 5 – June 2013
Appendix 2
Response time targets vary between levels of priority and between city and country
Appendix 3
Definitions of SJA response time priority levels