Report 8

Delivering Services Online

Auditor General’s overview

Digital technologies and people’s expectations are changing the way citizens interact with each other, with business and with government. This creates opportunities to deliver more services online, more conveniently, faster and at less cost for government and individuals.

The speed of technological change means that this audit of online service delivery is essentially a snapshot in time. Nevertheless, it was apparent that WA is not as advanced as some other Australian jurisdictions in delivering common services online.

The absence of any strong centralised leadership, policy input or oversight is a probable cause of this situation. The appointment in 2015 of a Government Chief Information Officer should help to address this, and speed progress.

The situation amongst the 5 agencies we focused on is probably reflective of the broader WA environment. Priority given to online services varied resulting in mixed-performance. Some agencies have created an effective online presence while others work to catch up.

However, awareness of opportunities to make services more convenient and efficient was evident, meaning that although some opportunities have been missed, they are not lost.

Page last updated: May 25, 2016

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