Report 8

Delivering Essential Services to Remote Aboriginal Communities

Appendix 2 — Existing Remote Area Essential Services Program Eligibility Criteria

The existing Remote Area Essential Services Program eligibility criteria are:

  • Population — A normal population of at least 50 people.
  • Permanency of Occupation —The community must be the principal residence of the majority of the population for the majority of a twelve month period. As a general rule 75 per cent of the normal population should be in residence for a minimum of nine months of the year.
  • Level and Standard of Infrastructure — At least five domestic dwellings should be established with power, water and wastewater systems connected and to a standard acceptable to State energy and water regulatory bodies.
  • Land Tenure – Communities should have secure land tenure granted (or agreed to be granted) by the State in accordance with Guidelines established by the Minister for Lands. In cases where secure land tenure has not been granted (or agreed to be granted) a community may be eligible for funding if the community meets all other criteria and has in the past received significant funding support from the State.
  • Special Circumstances — Communities that do not meet all the above criteria, but can demonstrate good reason why they should receive maintenance funding, may be considered for addition to the maintenance schedule. Good reason may include:
  • demonstrated environmental health risk
  • proximity to other serviced communities
  • special needs of residents (e.g. aged population).

Incorporated Group — Communities should be incorporated under relevant State or Commonwealth legislation or be represented by an incorporated body.

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