By 30 June 2017:

  1. Housing, BMW and Treasury should ensure full information on strategies for protection of payments to subcontractors is made publicly available to inform contractors looking for work of government requirements
  2. Treasury and Housing should set clear standards for financial information, weighting of financial capacity, currency of business risk assessments and recording of risk strategies, to inform decisions on awarding contracts
  3. Treasury should develop a facility for subcontractors to submit complaints online, and improve its systems for subcontractor complaints about non-payment to track and manage complaints
  4. BCITF should formalise communication protocols with BMW, Treasury and Housing for sharing of information about government construction projects to monitor payment of the BCITF levy
  5. the Building Commission and the Department of Finance should liaise with their respective Ministers to determine whether the 2 unassigned SBDC recommendations are to be addressed.
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