Assessment of Progress to Improve Payment Security for Government Construction Subcontractors

Report 31: 22 December, 2016

Executive summary

Introduction The objective of this audit was to assess progress to improve the security of payments made to subcontractors by contractors on State government construction projects and compliance with the … Read more →

Audit conclusion

There has been substantial progress towards implementing the SBDC recommendations. BMW has addressed all 13 of its SBDC recommendations. The Building Commission has addressed the recommendation that it review the … Read more →

Key findings

Processes are generally better The key processes that help ensure security of payments to contractors have improved, particularly within BMW. Treasury and Housing, which were not the focus of the … Read more →


By 30 June 2017: Housing, BMW and Treasury should ensure full information on strategies for protection of payments to subcontractors is made publicly available to inform contractors looking for work … Read more →

Agency responses

Agency responses Building Management and Works The Department is pleased that the Office of the Auditor General has recognised efforts the Department has made since the release of the Small … Read more →

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