Welcome to our 2019-2020 Annual Report

We hope you find this report valuable in understanding our performance and the services we delivered during the year to inform Parliament on public sector accountability and performance.

We have structured this report around the 4 result areas of our Strategic Plan – our people, tools, approach and products. It also describes our functions and operations, and presents the audited financial statements and key performance indicators for the year ended 30 June 2020.

Access each section below, view the full interactive PDF, or download the printable PDF



Read about the OAG including our highlights and significant issues, organisational structure, enabling legislation and performance management framework.
This section discusses our professional development program, graduate intake, occupational safety and health, code of conduct and more.
Our tools includes our governance arrangements, risk and policy frameworks, information systems and more.
Read about our approach to financial, information system and performance auditing as well as how we work with Parliament, our peers and our stakeholders.
In 2019-20 we tabled 28 reports in Parliament across our 4 audit topic categories. Read a summary of each report in this section.
Read the independent auditor's report, our financial statements, key performance indicators and more.
Our disclosures include governance disclosures and other legal requirements such as our occupational safety and health performance.
Our report has five appendices including our strategic plan, financial audit client list, guidance issued to public sector entities, acronyms and a glossary.