Annual Report

2017 - 2018

About our report

Welcome to our 2017-18 Annual Report. We hope you find this report valuable in understanding our performance and the services we delivered during the year to inform Parliament on public sector accountability and performance.

We have structured this report around the 4 result areas of our Strategic Plan – Our People, Our Tools, Our Approach and Our Products. It also describes our functions and operations, and presents the audited financial statements and key performance indicators for the year ended 30 June 2018.

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From the Auditor General

Caroline Spencer began her 10-year term as Western Australia’s 19th Auditor General on 28 May 2018

I feel privileged to be serving the Parliament and people of Western Australia in this important role. In 2015, I was appointed by the WA Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Audit to conduct a review, required by legislation, of the performance of the OAG. I found this was a very well-functioning Office, with no fundamental failings, albeit with a few opportunities for improvement.

And so far, since commencing as Auditor General, my view has not changed. As demonstrated throughout this annual report, this is a great audit office, with highly skilled and passionate people delivering quality work that matters to Parliament and the community…


Our office

About us
The Auditor General is an independent officer of Parliament with responsibility for auditing the public sector.
Former auditor general Colin Murphy
From the former Auditor General
Following 10+ rewarding and memorable years, my term as Auditor General officially ended on 27 May 2018.
Year in review
A visual summary of our results, who we audit and our deliverables.
Highlights and issues
Our highlights for 2017-18 and significant issues we see for 2018-19.
Local government audit reform
On 28 October, the Local Government Amendment (Auditing) Act 2017 (LG Act) was proclaimed, giving the Auditor General the mandate to audit Western Australia’s 139 local governments and 9 regional councils.
Organisational structure
Our Office has just over 145 full time equivalent staff and comprises 3 operational and 2 non-operational business units.
Enabling legislation
The Governor appoints the Auditor General under the Auditor General Act 2006.
Performance management framework
State government agencies work together to achieve 4 high level goals and broader strategic outcomes of the Western Australian Government.

Our performance

This section of our report summarises our financial, key effectiveness and key efficiency performance. We also provide an update on our strategic direction and plan.


Our performance infographic

Our people

It is only through the skills, dedication and enthusiasm of our people that we are able to efficiently and effectively deliver quality audit services to Parliament, the public sector and the people of Western Australia. In this section we provide an update on our diverse workforce and associated initiatives.








Our tools

We are committed to achieving and demonstrating good governance. In this section read about our key governance arrangements, our Risk Management Framework, our Efficiency and Effectiveness Plan and more.


Our tools infographic

Our approach

We strive to be consistent, fair and balanced, independent, transparent, pragmatic, professional and contemporary. In this section read about our external survey results, our opinions on ministerial notifications and our internal review processes.


Our approach infographic


Our products

We aim to deliver timely, relevant and quality reports on public sector financial statements, performance and accountability.  Read more about our tabled reports in this section of the report.


Our products infographic


Financial statements
The accompanying financial statements of the Office have been prepared in compliance with the provisions of the Financial Management Act 2006.
Key performance indicators
The extent that the OAG is effective in informing Parliament about public sector accountability and performance is measured by the number of tabled reports compared to targets for each of the four categories.
Other disclosures
Read about our other financial disclosures, governance disclosures, legal requirements and government policy requirements.
See our progress against our strategic plan, a list of our auditees and a glossary .


We welcome your feedback about our annual report so we can make improvements in the future.

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