Annual Report 2016-2017


Highlights 2016-17

In our first year of the OAG Strategic Plan 2016-2020 we met 73% of our targets. Actions, measures and targets of the plan have been reviewed and changes made to assist us with improving our performance. (page 14)

100% of financial audit opinions under the Financial Management Act were issued within 90 days of financial year end, delivering 58% of opinions earlier than last year and taking on average 65.5 days to issue. (page 48)

A record number of ministerial notifications, 51, were received. For the first time the Auditor General had to consider whether Cabinet- in-confidence was reasonable justification to withhold information from Parliament. (page 39)

We introduced a new HR system delivering value for money, good governance and compliance. (page 31)

96% of referrals and enquiries we received were responded to within our working day target, an improvement on last year. (page 44)

The Joint Standing Committee on Audit finalised its report reviewing the Office and Auditor General Act. The report includes recommendations to change the legislation in regard to our access to Cabinet documents and those subject to legal professional privilege. (page 4)

Page last updated: August 8, 2017

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