Annual Report 2014-2015


Our History

The origins of the Office of the Auditor General for Western Australia herald back to the first months of settlement of the Swan River colony in 1829. Captain Stirling formed in May (before even landing)‘ a Board of Counsel and Audit in the management of the property of the Crown, and of public property within the settlement’.

This started out as a voluntary role:‘… I am to acquaint you that his Excellency expects from your zeal the performance of the service required of you without reward of remuneration beyond the satisfaction you will derive from the fulfilment of a duty of this confidential nature’.

Stirling commanded the Office of the Commissioners of the Board of Counsel and Audit be opened ‘for the despatch of business’ on 12 August 1829. But they were very humble beginnings, operating out of a tent on the site chosen for the Town of Perth.

The Swan River Colony’s first Auditor, Captain Mark Currie, was appointed 1 July 1831, paid 300 pounds per annum, and was responsible to the Colonial Office through the Governor.

Western Australia has had 18 Auditors General.

Auditor General Timeline


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