Agency Gift Registers

Report 2: 15 March, 2018


Public sector officers are from time to time offered gifts during the course of their work, normally by customers or suppliers. Accepting gifts can be appropriate, depending on the circumstances … Read more →

What we did

The focus of this audit was to determine if agencies had suitable policies and practices in place for the management of gifts received. Gifts were defined as any item of … Read more →


The overall result reflects an improvement in the management of gifts since our last audit in 2015. At most agencies, management were periodically reviewing the gift register to identify any … Read more →

What did we find?

The Department of Finance displayed good gift management practices across all our lines of inquiry. The other 7 agencies need to improve various aspects of their gift policies and practices. … Read more →


1.    All agencies should: a.  have comprehensive policies that specify the information to be recorded when gifts are offered, guidelines for approving gifts and the periodic management review of gift registers … Read more →

Agency response

Agencies in our sample generally accepted our recommendations and confirmed that they either have, or will improve their policies and practices for managing and monitoring their gift registers. South Regional … Read more →

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