Accuracy of WA Health’s Activity Based Funding Data

Report 5: 11 April, 2017

Introduction and Background

In 2015-16, $4.2 billion of WA Health’s $8 billion funding was allocated under activity based funding arrangements. WA Health uses health activity based data to allocate funding to the various … Read more →

What we did

The objective of this audit was to determine whether WA Health has suitable processes and controls for recording, collating and submitting activity data and to determine if activity based data … Read more →


Our testing of patient activity records, which included the appropriateness of clinical coding, found an error rate of 5.2%. This error rate does not appear high given the complexity of … Read more →

What did we find?

What we found: Policies and procedures are in place, but not fully implemented – read more Data extraction processes are not preventing errors – read more Information security controls require … Read more →


WA Health should: By 30 June 2017 a. perform data quality assessments for each of its data collections annually in line with its Data Quality Policy b. develop a data … Read more →

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