Timely Payment of Suppliers

The focus of the audit was to assess whether 10 sampled local governments were making payments to suppliers on a timely basis in accordance with better practice.

Management of the State Art Collection

This report provides an assessment of the management of the State Art Collection and efforts to increase access by the public.

Management of Salinity

The audit assessed the management of salinity in the agricultural regions of the South West of WA

Controls Over Corporate Credit Cards

The audit assessed whether 8 local governments have effective controls over the use of corporate credit cards. We found that they generally had satisfactory controls, but we did note various … Read more →

Management of Contract Extensions and Variations

The objective of this audit was to assess whether entities adequately managed extensions and variations to their contracts. The audit also assessed whether they maintained good records of contracts.

Confiscation of the Proceeds of Crime

This audit assessed if agencies are effectively and efficiently identifying and confiscating property, and distributing proceeds of crime.