4 December 2019 Level of rigour in fee-setting varies significantly
14 November 2019 State government entities financial audit results tabled in Parliament
23 October 2019 Working with children check process has improved but risks remain
15 August 2019 Local governments need to do more to prevent fraud
14 August 2019 Gaps in mental health services mean people continue to rely on less suitable and higher cost care
31 July 2019 Western Australia’s ambulance service has improved and is more efficient than in 2013, but more needs to be done
26 June 2019 Local governments adequately assess residential building applications, but there is limited monitoring to ensure compliant building works
19 June 2019 Audit reinforces the need for the public sector to improve employee screening practices
19 June 2019  Weaknesses in governance and project management at WA Health delay major ICT project
12 June 2019 Auditor General calls on state entities to effectively partner with Aboriginal communities to improve Aboriginal children’s ear health
Auditor General finds 8 audited government entities all generally have suitable policies and practices in place for engaging consultants for strategic advice
15 May 2019 Auditor General calls on public sector entities to review their information system security controls
15 May 2019 Auditor General finds financial management controls and reporting at Western Australian universities and TAFEs are generally sound
15 May 2019 Auditor General finds weaknesses in WA Police Force’s control and regulation of firearms
Audit reveals that local governments have approved recordkeeping plans, but they are poorly implemented
7 March 2019 Auditor General tables first annual financial audit report of local government entities
7 March 2019 Auditor General finds improvement needed in public sector management and monitoring of external supplier information


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