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9 December 2021 Cycling viability has improved since 2015 but there is still more to do
8 December 2021 Australian first forensic audit unit working to help build public sector fraud resilience
24 November 2021 Record number of qualifications on State government financial audits
24 November 2021 Local government networks and systems at risk due to poor cyber security
18 November 2021 Mass COVID-19 vaccine roll-out largely effective but some vulnerable people and areas missing out, partly due to inequitable access
17 November 2021 Water pipes better managed than in 2014, but losses still too high
20 October 2021 Audit of COVID-19 stimulus initiatives recommends application requirements be proportionate to the value of available relief 
15 October 2021 Local governments provide financial hardship support
24 August 2021 Management of public building maintenance effective
5 August 2021 Ineffective staff exit controls leave entities vulnerable to risk
2 August 2021 Auditor General completes review of SafeWA application
30 June 2021 Temporary procurement changes in response to COVID-19 partially met Government objectives
23 June 2021 Audit finds prisoners given the opportunity to improve literacy and numeracy in custody
16 June 2021 Most local governments received clear financial audit opinions but control weaknesses and non-compliance found
16 June 2021 Information security a continuing area of weakness for State government entities
2 June 2021 Audit results for public universities and TAFEs show impact of COVID-19 on the WA tertiary sector 
2 June 2021 Services to remote Aboriginal communities have generally improved but the risk of unsafe drinking water remains
12 May 2021 Weaknesses in local government information systems
30 April 2021 Ineffective regulation of and support for the local government sector
1 April 2021 Audit finds shortcomings in Department of Health’s regulation of food businesses
11 March 2021 Audit finds Department of Communities can improve its administration of family and domestic violence support services
9 March 2021 Control weaknesses identified in 4 State government IT systems
24 February 2021 Auditor General tables opinions on Ministers not providing information to Parliament
28 January 2021 WA public sector needs to improve its administration of grants



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