We continue to develop better practice guidance to help the Western Australian public sector perform efficiently and effectively. This includes:

  • practical guidance in the application of standards
  • case studies
  • checklists to assess existing frameworks and processes
  • information to help entities to better understand how to comply with legislation and standards.
Topic Report DateĀ 
Fraud prevention Fraud Prevention in Local Government 15 August 2019
Regulating building approvals Local Government Building Approvals 26 June 2019
Project management PathWest Laboratory Information System Replacement Project 19 June 2019
Verifying employee identity and credentials Verifying employee identity and credentials 19 June 2019
Engaging consultants for strategic advice Engaging Consultants to Provide Strategic Advice 5 June 2019
Cloud application (Software as a
service arrangement)
Information Systems Audit Report 2019 15 May 2019
Records management Records Management in Local Government 9 Apr 2019
Management of supplier master files Management of Supplier Master Files 7 Mar 2019
ProcurementĀ  Local Government Procurement 11 Oct 2018
Online services Delivering Services Online 25 May 2016
Contract management Health Department’s Procurement and Management of its Centralised Computing Services Contract 17 Feb 2016


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