The Office of the Auditor General is the largest audit practice in Western Australia. We audit over 200 organisations each year, with combined transactions of more than $40 billion.

With size comes variety. Our auditors deal with agencies that provide services in education, health, community services, natural resource management, economic development and much more.

Ours is a diverse workplace that employs not only auditors, but people from a range of occupations and disciplines, such as administration, finance, human resources and information resources.

We offer flexible, family-friendly working arrangements, a pleasant work environment, competitive salaries and for some eligible employees, study and examination leave. Our professional development program is conducted on a regular monthly basis and includes all employees.

In all aspects of our recruitment and human resource management activities we apply the legislated standards under the Public Sector Management Act 1994. For more information about these standards, please visit the Public Sector Commission website.

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