Our Vision

Serving the public interest by an informed Parliament and community

Our Mission

To help improve public sector performance and accountability by reporting independently to Parliament and entities

Our Values


We conduct our business in an independent, professional and ethical manner. We apply an open, honest and fair approach to our stakeholders.


We provide credible work that makes a difference. We take pride in our work and strive to deliver above expectations, using continuous improvement opportunities to improve our efficiency and effectiveness.


We value the contribution of our people, our clients and the community, and encourage a collaborative approach to our work.

Our System


  • Our People

    • Motivated
    • Innovative
    • Collaborative
    • Accountable
    • Valued
    • Skilled
    • Knowledgeable

    Our People Outcomes

    1.1 An appropriately skilled workforce capable of meeting current and future business needs
    1.2 High performing people who contribute to strategic objectives
    1.3 A work environment that is recognised as a workplace of choice

  • Our Tools

    • Robust
    • Efficient
    • User-friendly
    • Flexible
    • Agile
    • Reliable
    • Compliant

    Our Tools Outcomes

    2.1 Efficient, effective and responsive business operations that meet current and emerging needs
    2.2 Sound information systems that support operational needs
    2.3 Sound financial management of our business
    2.4 Audit methodology tools are current, reliable and compliant

  • Our Approach

    • Consistent
    • Fair and Balanced
    • Independent
    • Transparent
    • Pragmatic
    • Professional
    • Contemporary

    Our Approach Outcomes

    3.1 Audits completed in accordance with auditing and professional standards
    3.2 Relationships with audit clients professionally managed
    3.3 Our reputation for independence, integrity and impartiality is maintained
    3.4 A well informed parliament and public


  • Our Products

    Value for money – Timely – Relevant – Accurate – Quality – Innovative

    Our Products Outcomes

    4.1 Timely, relevant and quality reports on public sector performance and accountability
    4.2 Value for money reporting that address issues of public interest
    4.3 Reports and opinions that lead to improved public sector performance and accountability



  • Outcomes

    Work that makes a difference and helps to improve the public sector


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