Our role & responsibility


The Auditor General’s role is to audit the finances and activities of the Western Australian public sector. In undertaking this task, the Auditor General will scrutinise the public sector for potential instances of wastage, inefficiency or ineffectiveness, and report his findings to Parliament.

Reporting directly to the Parliament, the Auditor General is an ‘ally of the people and Parliament’. He must act independently in carrying out all his powers and duties.

Independence is the cornerstone of public sector audit. The Auditor General must be free from pressure, influence or interference from any source that may erode that independence.


The Auditor General is responsible for:

  • auditing the Annual Report on State Finances
  • conducting financial statement, KPI and control audits and issuing audit opinions for over 200 public sector agencies
  • undertaking wide-ranging performance examinations to ensure there are adequate controls within agencies, compliance with the relevant legislation; and most importantly efficiency, effectiveness and economy of agency operations or programs
  • reporting the results of audits to Parliament in an objective, competent, insightful and timely manner.