Reporting to Parliament

The Auditor General is an independent officer of Parliament. Unlike public sector entities, she reports directly to Parliament and not a government minister.

Much of the Auditor General’s liaison with Parliament is conducted through two committees, the Public Accounts Committee and the Estimates and Financial Operations Committee.

The diagram below shows how the Auditor General’s role fits in with our system of government.

Diagram showing our relationships to Parliament, government and the community.

Other state ‘watchdogs’

The Auditor General is not the only independent ‘watchdog’ in the Western Australian public sector. The others are:

Collectively these entities form the Integrity Coordinating Group, a forum for sharing and collaborating.

A national association

The Auditor General is also a member of the Australasian Council of Auditors-General, a body formed to provide for mutual support and sharing of information nationally.

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