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Annual Report 2017-2018

Our 2017-18 Annual Report, providing a comprehensive look at our performance and the services we delivered during the…

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Annual Report

Our 2017-18 Annual Report provides a comprehensive look at our performance and the services we have delivered during the year to inform Parliament on public sector accountability and performance. It describes the functions and operations of the Office and presents the audited financial statements and performance indicators for the year ended 30 June 2018.

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#OAG_WA 2017-18 Annual Report was tabled in Parliament yesterday. Here is a snapshot of our year in review! Read the full report here: https://t.co/5HC4F1TfY7

AG finds Minister’s decision not to provide Parliament with details of a government aircraft review was reasonable while a decision not to provide information about priority fire station locations was not because it was already publicly available https://t.co/VU6ehNVPnx

Auditor General, Caroline Spencer, has found that while the GovNext-ICT program can deliver savings to Government, it will not deliver the savings originally anticipated https://t.co/VU6ehNVPnx #OAGReport

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